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Bath, MI

"Life after terrorism
For Bath, the memory of the 1927 school bombing that killed 44 never goes away" BY JEFF SEIDEL
the information on this entry is from:

"The mad murderer of Bath
Andrew Kehoe spent months planning the attack, buying dynamite and testing detonation devices, and carving his final words in a piece of wood. He hid hundreds of pounds of dynamite under the school, wired to an alarm clock.

Then he waited until May 18, 1927, the last day of school before summer vacation.

"Well, kids, this is your last day," he said, as the children got off the school bus.

Dean Sweet remembers hearing the words, remembers it like it was yesterday, but he thought it was a greeting, not a warning. He walked into the school to take a geography exam in a classroom on the first floor.

After the first bomb went off, destroying a wing of the school, Dean was buried under the rubble, his head sliced open, chest crushed, leg broken.

The explosion could be heard for miles. People rushed to help, trying to find survivors, pulling bodies from the dust and debris and broken glass.

"That's what farmers do," Sweet recalls. "They help each other."

Many children were dead. Others jumped through shattered windows to safety.

A few minutes later, Kehoe returned to the school in his truck and asked for the superintendent, Emory Huyck. When he arrived, Kehoe detonated the truck, killing them both. Leo Clayton, a 10-year-old who survived the first explosion, jumped from a window and ran to the front of the school, where he was killed by the second blast.

Later, police discovered that Kehoe, a childless farmer, had killed his wife and burned down his house before the school exploded. Facing foreclosure on his farm because of property taxes, he wanted revenge on the community.

After the explosions, the fear grew, extending to the postal system. Kehoe had mailed a package earlier that day. People were afraid he mailed a bomb but the package was intercepted by police and it contained only paperwork.

On the fence to his farm, Kehoe left a piece of wood, carved with his last words and testament: "Criminals are made, not born." "

My sister, actually got a chance to go to this school earlier this week. There were many rumers that the area was Haunted. She didn't encounter anything strange. The school has been rebuilt, and there is a large memorial with all the names of the deceased.

I just thought this was interesting.
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wow..what an amazing story. and its scary..=/